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This past Saturday was…intense. That’s the only word I can come to, and even that seems to fall short. I’ve spent the past few days trying to absorb it all…and I know I’ve only scratched the surface. It was just that good. Talking about grace is just that good. Please […]

True confessions…

Not to disappoint you, but there will be no scandalous, juicy morsels in this blogpost. Really this will be just my random musings and ramblings…at 1:20 AM. I am dog tired, but can’t sleep. For some reason I am very restless; and of course, the idea for a blog post […]

Live a life worthy…

So my pastor said something Sunday that reverberated through my heart and sparked all kinds of thought as it bounced around within me. He made a comment about the phrase “WWJD”, or What would Jesus do? His comment was that, although it has been over marketed (which is an understatement), […]

We belong together…

So, yesterday’s post has led me down another track about our relationship to “the church”. The question before me is this: can we love Jesus but not love His church? This is a loaded question to be sure. I have a very emphatic response to it – no, you can’t! […]

A twist…

So, initially this post was to be a continuation of my touting the benefits of reading through the Bible. Somehow it morphed into the glob of rapid fire questions you see below. This list of seemingly random questions have a purpose and speak directly to my excitement about Bible reading… […]

Are we there yet….?

I’ve been perusing through my old site in preparation of shutting it down, and I came across this entry from July 2009. Seems this is a lesson I must learn over and over again. *** Here is a question that I’ve been thinking about lately: How do we “wait” well? Because, […]


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