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It’s just time…

I think it’s time to end my “Winter” series. Not because I can claim total victory, but because it’s just time. Maybe at some point in the future, I will revisit this subject as the Lord continues to reveals its lessons. But it’s time now. Time to let it rest; […]

Hurt and healing…

It is always a scary notion to share personal details about yourself. Especially in the age of the Internet, where nothing is ever truly “gone”, even when you hit the delete button. And believe me, to share those questions, which reveal the most intimate of details about a part of […]

This is for you…

If you have a hard time during the holidays, this is for you. If you aren’t able to go “home” for Christmas, or the home you do go to is filled with brokenness that renders the holidays “unhappy”, this is for you. If your heart is broken this year because […]


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